Forum & AGAIN online ...

EDIT: and so fast it can go .... the forum is back online !

now it is so far ... the forum is unfortunately no longer online 🙁 I think the first forum I had 1999 run - honestly I do not know it exactly .... who knows more ?
In any case, THANK YOU to all users, admin's, mod's who have supported me throughout the years ... without you all this would not have been possible. Oh yes ... how did it come to the "off" ..... ?
For years I simply lacked the time to take care of the forum intensively and unfortunately that often ends fatally 🙁 Now there was a new PHP version on the server and BUMS, the "old" forum was dead 🙁
I just did not want and would like to update to a new version, because most users had already noticed the creeping death anyway .....
Here on the blog I am still present, even if not so often and am always happy about new entries from you.

Your Michael

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  1. A beautiful good morning to you! We saw a fire salamander outside our front door today! Just wonderful to see!
    Happy to share the experience with you! The big Benjamin has replaced the Christmas lantern today with the sound of bells of the Basilica María Taferl, the 2nd largest pilgrimage site in Austria! We welcome you to Austria😃Sabine and Roman

  2. Hello I need urgent help one of my axolotl has on the head two white/yellowish places that can be wiped with cotton swab where then comes blood he is also very thin and swims sideways can someone tell me what my axolotl has and how I can treat it that would be sweet thanks

  3. Hello Michael,
    I have also followed the failure of the forum. Had already feared that you no longer revive it. I find it a great pity that it has become so quiet there and there are only rarely new contributions. Where are all the friends of the fire salamanders?

    • hello catrin 🙂
      so I would like to keep the forum online in the future 🙂 .
      Yes, it has become very very quiet there 🙁
      I also honestly don't know how we can change that, especially in the times of Facebook & Co. 🙁
      LG Michael

  4. Hello Michael,

    that the forum was shut down is a shock for me. I had this long-standing contribution with the fire salamander larvae on Off Topic in it, which has now had over 200,000 hits. Is that all gone now?
    It would be very nice if at least the previous posts are still visible. By the way, I wanted to take this as an opportunity to complain to the Ministry of the Environment about the closure after the enormous number of hits, which I can now do without.
    Maybe you will reconsider.


    Wolfgang (qUERTAUCHER)

    • Hello Wolfgang,
      that's news ... I thought no one even noticed that the forum is "off" 🙂
      Don't worry, the posts are not gone of course. I'll see what I can do this weekend. Will get back to you as soon as I have thought of something.
      In any case, thanks for your feedback.
      Greetings Michael

      • Thank you, just saw it with great pleasure. A good news and that on Ascension Day! Hopefully it will stay like this for a while.

        Good luck!

        tHE qUERtAKER

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