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Fire salamander larvae at 22m water depth - actual video

"Yes, 400,000 hits have been reached. Thank you. Here is a supplementary photo where you can see that this is old mining from a time when blasting was not done. There are no drill traces etc.

THANKS qUERTAUCHER for this video - and ... sorry ... as always it took a little longer 🙁

... really very interesting shots, but partly with a sad end Quertaucher 

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Chat function active

the chat function is active - try it out (right margin)

chat function is active - try it out ... if you have specific questions about the salamandra genus to me etc., please use my blog ... you can comment there and also chat with me live. It has the advantage that the blog is gaining a little more popularity again ... thank you

Blog translation by WEGLOT - which languages do you want?

Hello dear users,
my blog is now also translated via - there are 5 languages to choose from ... German -> English is already available ... which languages should I still activate ? Stay healthy and have a nice evening ... happy about feedback ...

Forum and blog updated

finally I found some time to update the forum and the blog - this was long overdue 🙁 Both pages now have an SSL certificate and thus at least once the security is guaranteed. Furthermore I updated some redirects which didn't work anymore. Now & as well as & are redirected to the blog.
There are still many small things that I have to adjust ... but everything in order ... the galleries of the images unfortunately do not work yet.

Salamandra lanzai offspring 2017

Offspring Salamandra lanzai 2017 3 animals

Salamandra infraimmaculata semenovi mating

Salamandra infraimmaculata semenovi mating 2016 at 12 degrees ( October ).

Salamandra infraimmaculata semenovi

Mertensiella caucasica egg laying 2016

Mertensiella caucasica egg laying 2016

Salamandra lanzai 0.1 Gravid 2016

Here's to a new one - I'm excited 🙂

complete stock free from Bd and Bsal *yay

today (finally, waiting since september 2015) came the positive news with the result "negative" .... my complete stock is free from Bd and Bsal *yayyyy*.

Here are the first three impressions before the test ... 🙂



more info about this also on the very informative page of Paul Bachhausen:

Page by Paul Bachhausen about Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans ...

See also here on my forum:

Rules of conduct in handling Batrachochytrium

Salamandra infraimmaculata semenovi (Iran)